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About Us

We are two brothers who always have been passionate about algorithms and statistics. We always loved online trading, so that led us to look for more effective ways to trade and achieve more wealth in a shorter period. That’s when Bitcoin Cycle was born.

My brother liked analyzing statistics a lot while I enjoyed online trading. When we realized that Bitcoin was becoming a massive thing on the trading market, we decided to start our own Bitcoin trading app to help people become wealthier.

We didn’t measure our app’s success at the time, but we never imagined that it would become an award-winning app that hundreds of people from around the world used to become rich.

About Our App

Bitcoin Cycle uses an advanced algorithm to detect potential trading opportunities. This algorithm has been tested many times to ensure that it’s one of the best options on the market.

The Bitcoin Cycle app is fast, efficient, and agile.

Here are some of the benefits that you can get if you become a member of our team!

If you still aren’t convinced, you can read below for some testimonials by our seasoned trading members:

“Bitcoin Cycle made my trades much easier and faster! I’ve been trading for a lot of time now, and I love the accuracy of this app’s algorithm.”

“I always take my time before trading, so I don’t make any mistakes, but with Bitcoin Cycle, I can trade much faster and without worrying about the risks. This app does a better job than I ever could.”

“I’ve been trading for many years, so I consider myself an experienced trader. The key to successful trading is to monitor the market for many hours a day. However, with Bitcoin Cycle, I can set up the app in a couple of minutes, and I’m done for the day!”

The Bitcoin Cycle app has special features that make it more exclusive than other apps on the internet.

Bitcoin Cycle is the future of Online Bitcoin Trading.

The Bitcoin Cycle app has advanced features that make it fantastic for both beginners and experts in online trading. This app provides different settings that comply with traders of any level of knowledge in online trading. Still, it keeps the same grade of effectiveness and accuracy for each type of user.

You can use the ‘Manual Mode’ to make the trades by yourself, or you can use the ‘Automated Mode’ to make the app do all the work for you. Either way, the app can help you earn a lot of money.

We Want You to Become Richer.

We want to personally invite you to become a member of Bitcoin Cycle’s team. If you are eager to discover how you can earn more money with Bitcoin, become an investor, and become as rich as you can possibly imagine!